Chandelier & Fixture Cleaning

Chandeliers, ceiling fans, porch lamps, and other fixtures can be awkward to clean and are often out of reach. Because of this light fixtures commonly go uncleaned collecting plenty of dust and grime. Chandeliers and light fixtures add a touch of beauty and can act as a center piece to the decor of your home. Keeping fixtures clean is essential element in maintaining the look of your home.

chandelier cleaning

We have multiple ladders available to reach most any high chandelier or fixture you might have. Because fixtures are not cleaned that often a thorough cleaning is a must. We not only clean the glass parts of the fixture but all the metal, wood and plastic, removing any dust and grime and leaving your fixtures looking brand new. We clean and inspect the bulbs to make sure they are working properly. This is also a great time to change out any old bulbs in the fixture.

Here is a list of some of the fixture we often clean for you to consider for you home:

Our Residential Window Cleaning is the best in DFW

We will thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your windows, plus the screens and outside tracks! You may also request an exterior cleaning only. You may also include specified windows to be cleaned on the inside. After your initial cleaning we can set you up on a regular maintenance program tailored to fit your needs.