The Benefits of Natural Light and Clean Windows

We’ve all heard about natural light and how good it is for us. Studies have shown buildings using natural light tend to have happier workers. Office workers with exposure to daylight had more, and deeper, sleep at night. They also were found to engage in more physical activity than those who work in office buildings all day without natural light.

Medical patients who had windows facing trees recovered faster than those with views of walls or no windows. It is no surprise that natural daylight has also been reported to have increased test scores in students. This brings up one question, why?

What Are Some of these Benefits of Natural Light?

The simplest and most obvious benefit of using more natural light is that it saves, and minimizes, the need for electricity. Natural light boosts vitality, lightens our moods, creates better sleep patterns, and encourages more physical activity. It leads to better alertness and metabolism. Natural light synchronizes our bodies and brains. It triggers serotonin and produces vitamins C and D, which is an important part of alleviating any depression. This is proven in studies involving those with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Natural light also helps our bodies in absorbing minerals and other vitamins.

Ideas for More Natural Light

If you like shades, try to use sheer or translucent ones. Remove any heavy or dark curtains as they are designed to block light. If your windows are small or you want privacy, use sheer fabrics so light can still come in, or use shutters.

Mirrors reflect light well, so if you have limited windows, you can still maximize the amount of natural light you do get. As well, you can use glass doors in your house, internally and externally. For indoor rooms, use transparent glass, mirrored doors or frosted glass. This will let in more natural light and make your rooms seem larger and open. If you don’t like the idea of transparent glass doors, try frosted or tinted glass. There is also the option of putting in skylights or roof lights. They are becoming a common and effortless way to increase natural light in a home. You can even use windows to replace internal walls.

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