How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Cleaning the gutters is a hassle for many homeowners; however, having clean gutters is essential to preventing water damage and other concerns, like freezing and pests. Plus, it helps keep your home looking nice and tidy! You might be wondering how often you should clean your gutters. The truth is, the answer varies depending on where you live.

The good news is that you don’t have to clean your gutters as often as you think. Generally, you should get your trusty ladder out of the garage to clean your gutters twice a year, and at the very minimum, you should clean them at least once in the late fall to prevent debris buildup that hinders their performance.

Folks surrounded by foliage and other gorgeous greenery may have to clean their gutters more frequently. For instance, if your home is near a crowd of oak trees that throw acorns into your gutters on a regular basis, we recommend having those gutters cleaned every three months. Cleaning your gutters more frequently will ensure they are free from debris and do what they’re supposed to do every day of the year.

Cleaning your gutters is a seasonal task. Specifically, spring and fall are the best times to clean your gutters. Incorporating gutter cleaning into your list of spring-cleaning to-dos will help prepare your gutters for summer foliage and the consistent rainfall that comes with the changing seasons. Spring cleaning also gives you an excellent opportunity to check your gutters’ health following winter freezes and look for leaks or other damage.

After summer comes and goes, it’s time to clean your gutters again toward the beginning of fall. Fall cleaning will help remove debris from the season’s change and fallen leaves. Plus, cleaning your gutters in the fall versus the summer gives you an opportunity to beat the heat.

As you read this blog, you might be wondering: do I really have to clean my gutters? The short answer is yes, you do. Gutters play a very important role in preserving the condition of your home. For instance, clogged gutters can lead to flooding issues, build up debris, and damage your foundation over time if standing water collects around your home.

Flooded gutters also create an opportunity for pests to breed in standing water. Neglecting to keep up with your gutters in the spring and fall could mean dealing with more mosquitos and other unwanted insects in the summer. In other words, cleaning your gutters twice a year could save you a fortune on citronella candles.

However, if you don’t have the tools necessary to clean your gutters, don’t panic. Professional gutter cleaning services like Whatapane are often around the corner to lend a helping hand.

Cleaning your gutters requires you to have the necessary gear, including protective masks and safety goggles, to ensure debris and other particles don’t get into your eyes. In many cases, trusting a professional service could save you heaps of time and money trying to source these materials and do the work yourself.

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